Fasten Your Seat Belts…The AltVix is at All-Time Highs

People are freaking out trying to understand how the markets are rising if the world our President and media paint is so horrific.

My world is obsessed with the low $VIX.

Do not be embarrassed if you do not understand the term. Here is Wikipedia to explain better than me.

The financial markets can work in mysterious ways.

There is an old market saying that the markets climb a wall of worry. That does not just apply to the S&P. Check out the South Korean market…you know the Korea just south of North Korea:

Those silly Koreans!


The worrying, excitement and panic just might be showing up in ways not measured by the $VIX.

There is a mania going on right now in the digital currency/assets markets.

It’s not a US thing either. It is global. It is technology related for sure, but I do think it is also correlated to the fear that exists in the non-digital world.

It is not just Bitcoin. Yesterday, Bitcoin hit an all-time high, but it also hit an all-time low relative to total Crypto market (less than 60% for the first time ever).

I will throw it out there that the regular fear proxies ($VIX) have now also been partially replaced by what I will start calling the digital or AltVIX.

The other side of this excitement and non fear fear will be fascinating to trade and invest in. In the meantime, as a trend investor, I am not asking too many questions…just trying to enjoy the current rides.

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