Fintech Week- The Year in Review

I’m excited to get home to Coronado this weekend.

It was wall to wall fintech for me this week in New York from Stocktwits, to portfolio founders (Rally Road, ChartIQ) and some great new founder meetings and pitches. I did stop by Josh and Barry’s office. Josh and I made this video that covered my excitement for trends in fintech.

My final meeting of the week was an awesome lunch with my friends Jim O’Shaugnessy and Jan Van Eck. They both run massive money managment firms and have been doing it for decades. They are as curious and passionate today about the financial industry as they were when the started in the business. It was fun to connect and talk about the old wall street, the ETF business, quants and the new world of financial services.

I have so many predictions from my readings and meetings this week, but will save them for the end of the year. Also, predictions are pretty worthless because they don’t replace the edge of the daily grind:

I collected some research and articles to share that best cover the landscape of fintech in the private markets and have linked them below…

First off is this CB Insights Fintech Report – Fintechs Are Coming For Checking Accounts & Debit Cards.

This piece titled ‘How is Platformization Affecting Banking‘ is also a good read.

My friends at Propel VC (a fintech VC) had this amazing roundup on all the fintech funding (very global in their coverage) and the takeaway seems to be that the robust Series A funding makes it hard to see a fintech correction right now.

I really liked this twenty minute ‘Intro To Crypto:Building Blocks‘ video from Linda Xie at Andreesen Horowitz. Understanding the basics and the fundamentals is important, especially as crypto continues in it’s bear market.

Finally – I talk a lot about the ‘Peloton’ on this blog. It is a cycling term (the physics of bike racing) I have taken to heart and applied to my daily life as it relates to the business of investing for profit and joy. This article from Fast Company really lays out the proof of it’s power.

Have a great weekend.

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