Flying Cars Baby!

Peter Thiel famously said ‘we wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters‘.

Personally, after watching Season 3 of Narcos, all I want is season 4 of Narcos.

In the meantime, it seems we do have flying cars. Lilium sounds wicked cool. I will wait for the cheaper Lilium x and Liliumpool!

Peter should also know that we also have unmanned flying drones loaded to the gills with weapons.

The company that makes them is AeroVironment ($AVAV) and their stock is at all-time high.

If you follow me on Stocktwits you know it is a stock I have owned for a while. It is part of my exposure to robots (iRobot as well). Aerovironment is no 8-80 stock, just a stock with strong momentum in a sector institutions are chasing.

Flying cars, manned and unmanned, loaded with weapons or just commuters, are freaking here. Someone let Peter know in New Zealand.

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