Flying Cars with Marc Andreessen 

Marc Andreessen dropped off Twitter before me so it’s been a while since we heard about flying cars and virtual reality. 

He’s back giving interviews and this was a good one on what to expect in 2021

But you are saying hey Marc … give me a freaking day trade or something that could make me money before Trump’s inauguration? 

He does not oblige but I do like this nugget about his firm and the way they attack trends and big ideas:

Maybe it happens now, maybe it doesn’t. If it doesn’t happen now, what we’re trying to do is set up, at our firm, basically a willingness to make the same bet five years from now, and then if it still doesn’t work, 10 years from now, and if it doesn’t work, 15 years from now. Basically, just keep coming at it.

This wisdom does apply to stock markets. 

I have been burned in the robot trade a few times betting on an $irbt breakout over the years. This last one though was money and because I kept following robots and $irbt set up again a few months ago I took the trade and now the position is up a quick 40 percent. 

Timing big moves in the public and private markets are hard but the robot chatter is being backed up by new products and sales growth and iRobot could still go on a tear. I kept the robot stocks on my list and when iRobot Broke out I took the setup one more time. 

Will check back in as the stock pulls back or keeps accelerating.