Free Solo and StitchFix

Note to Peloton Members – I sold the rest of my StitchFix today in the low 30’s. I shared on Stocktwits. Trends end, and many times around earnings, momentum stock trends end violently. Many people asked why we sold partial amounts of the stock on three different times on the rise from the low 30’s to the high 40’s. Days like today are why. I try and respect fast profits in young momentum stocks. I am ok with letting investments become trades, but not letting trades become investments. For now, it’s off my watchlist.

Now to today’s post.

Ellen and I went to see the documentary ‘Free Solo’ in Manhattan last night. It was three plus years in the making.

It blew us away.

Here is a clip of Alex Honnold the genius/lunatic/athlete that attempts to climb the face of the world’s most famous rock – the 3,200ft El Capitan in Yosemite National Park… without a rope.

As his best friend says in the movie..the feat is like winning a gold medla, that if you don’t win…you die.

Ellen and I love to go to the movies and we are generally disappointed. Seeing great movies like ‘Free Solo’ are what make it worthwhile.

We were literally on the edge of our seats rooting for Alex and the filmmaking crew led by the remarkable Jimmy Chin.

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