A Fresh Face in Finance and FUNNY – Kathryn Cicoletti

It has been a long time since someone made me laugh poking fun at The financial industry. It is not easy to do it right.

Kathryn does. She breaks down ‘professional investing’ with terms like ‘The Horseshit System’ and The ‘Obamatron’:

Watch for yourself:

Who is Kathryn:

It takes a lot of courage to quit your job and start a venture of your own. It takes something entirely else to walk away from a finance job that pays you over half a million dollars a year, and create a new media property – teaching yourself Final Cut Pro via Lynda.com, taking sketch comedy writing classes through Upright Citizens Brigade, writing, editing and starring in your own videos, and filling a perceived void in the market with no guarantee for success. Meet MakinSense Babe, otherwise known at Kathryn Cicoletti – the woman who swears finance news and investment strategy doesn’t need to be so complicated, or boring.

I met Kathryn in Los Angeles. She came to watch my Pando Monthly interview.

We are already working on some bigger ideas for financial web videos and you can find her and share ideas with her on Stocktwits.