From a Nasdaq bubble to a housing bubble – Are we ready to learn anything?

You won’t learn anything from watching CNBC or social stock picking networks. NOISE. You don’t need to pay big fees for walled stock market picks and pans.

You can learn from my market blogroll. Pretty much everything you need. No subscription costs.

It is hard to see a bubble when it is occurring. It is hard to imagine that we had back to back bubbles so close to themselves. Nasdaq – and now the unwinding of the housing bubble. The housing one is a scary one that no one seems to be talking about lately. I am actually shocked. Talk has turned instead to technology stocks. It is likely a big headfake. Just too much real damage and deflation in the industry to ever really make a comeback as a whole.

But I digress. Bill Cara’s very detailed post chronicling his one-year posts from pre-peak to post peak on the housing industry, full with charts and links and comments is a priceless graduate class in market behavior through a bubble cycle .

It is not a 300 page history book filled with boring dribble. it is a good 10 minute read that will walk you through all the thinking and signs and the fall. THAT IS – UP TO TODAY.

The rest is a mystery. Maybe we go back to all-time highs, maybe Armageddon is on it’s way now that interest only loans will be ratcheted up. Who the [email protected]#ck knows. I do know that history suggests that what led the previous cycle will not lead again.

If you were not caught in the hype, you were o.k. If you don’t bottom fish, you may miss out on opportunity at best.

I take the signs as they come. For now, commodities are still trending and certain health care areas are strong.

Today’s assignment is to print out Bill’s post and all the links and remember the blueprint. They all look the same.


  1. Duru says:

    Exactly! One big question is “what’s the next bubble?” It is clear that as long as interest rates remain low (or more specifically, credit is readily accessible and in plentiful supply), money will flow from one speculative vehicle to the next…

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