Full Circle – The Social Media Living Room

Just catching up on some blog reading and Facebook friending and saw that Fred was talking about The Social Media Living Room .

My kids just need Webkinz and a TV with the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon in their Social media living room.

Fred’s kids and obviously millions of other homes around the country, just need Facebook.

Fred says that…In my social media living room, I have this blog and about a hundred others, I have techmeme, I have twitter, I have hypemachine and last.fm, I have flickr and delicious. Each and every day it seems I add another piece of furniture to my social media living room. And some of them are working together.

It got me thinking back to my college days when all I needed in my Social Media Living Room was a stereo, ESPN, a couch with a burn hole, a bag of weed (never inhaled…just for guests), some munchies and a wall phone. Ahhhhhh college in the 90’s…the only money made off your living room was from the Dealers and Dorito’s.


  1. eddie Daroza says:

    my social media living room is my laptop w myspace and blog, the arena rock channel, iphone, coffee, captain morgan and friends. thats basically my whole life right there

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