GoFish.com is a great example of a Stock Promote

I was listening to a good friend of mine today who knows nothing of the boom in video aggregation, talk about reverse merger gofish.com. Never had heard of it. Hmmm.

Now tonight I am reading at newteevee that they have bought bolt.com with their ridiculous penny stock, reverse merger, inflated stock. Price tag for this gem – a mere $30 million in paper.

A stock promote well executed for sure. Bolt.com makes out like a bandit if they can monetize this stock.

These almost always end very badly.

If you want more, I am sure podtech.net will have a 60 minute report on it tomorrow :) .


  1. Broker A says:

    DailyMotion is the next big target.

    Frankly, now that YouTube has gone legit, via Google it has lost its luster. Mainly because of the drop off in pirating.

    Daily Motion is still hard at work.

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