Goldman Sachs and ShittyBank…

It is hard to argue with price.

Forgetting all the stealing, cheating, lying and government loans (gifts), Goldman Sachs is up 150 percent since the crisis in 2008.

Here are how the rest of the ‘banks’ have fared.

Global banking’s winners and losers since the crisis $GS $CS $C $JPM

— Allan Schoenberg (@allanschoenberg) Jun. 10 at 06:08 AM

In 2011 (probably my last appearance on CNBC), I referred to Citibank as ‘Shittybank’. It was just supposed to be fun and everyone did laugh.

I would say the numbers have backed this up.

As for Goldman, they always have the last laugh.

If you don’t think they have figured out a way to trade and make money in their old ways, you really just kid yourself.

The Goldman I know and the Goldman you should know is still guarding their front doors. We found him in 2006 back when I was making Wallstrip and Lindsay chatted with him. Here is the video (you can fast forward to minute 2 for the hilarity).


  1. John McLaughlin, StockCoach says:

    Agree – yet, the real vulnerability for banking, aside from character – hackers can take any one of these guys out, anywhere, any time they like. Oh, oh – do I hear a “click in”?

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