Good Things Happening to Good People

I loved this tweet from Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia that he surfaced from 5 years ago – when he was struggling to build his company:

It really is much easier to write about failure once you are ‘successful’.
also really enjoyed this piece titled ‘Underrated‘ by Stephen Curry.

I love when good things happen to good people.

Yesterday Max told me that one of his best pals and mine Jackson Moss committed to San Diego State’s golf team. It is a great golf school – Xander Schaufelle is a famous recent golf team alumni. I have played a hundred plus rounds with Jackson the last 10 years at our home course at San Diego Country Club. I gave him a beer last year and tried to sign him to a contract and he signed it ‘Fat Nixon’ (ok I made that up). I am so proud of Jackson and he is already a legend to me.

I saw this great Twitter post from Jeff Morris, now the head of product and revenue at Tinder, about missed chances:

As Stephen wrote in is piece about the pep talk his parents gave to him in high school:

NO ONE gets to write your story but you. Not some scouts. Not some tournament. Not these other kids, who might do this better or that better. And not EVER your last name. None of those people, and none of those things, gets to be the author of your story. Just you. So think real hard about it. Take your time. And then you go and write what you want to write. But just know that this story — it’s yours.