The Greatest High of All …Congrats to The Investors and The Optimists

This Turtle vs. The Hare video is my new favorite investing reference…

The turtles and the rabbits are winning right now,

The market is making the majority of us look like genius’s the last eight years. I have met many people from the majority. We are not THAT smart.

Today these stocks made their greatest high of all-time…

Thank goodness I own a bunch of them.

I have long written here that Google is my technology ETF. I have owned Tencent out of China for a long time as well and they are my Tech, Bank/Payment and Gaming ETF for the rest of the world.

I’m not sure I am any wealthier from diversifying beyond these two great companies and stocks the last few years, but I will never stop trying to trounce the S&P.

As for what’s next?

As a ‘student’ of momentum, the coast is all clear based on the closing prices of pretty much every index in the world.

As an investor that has seen the other side of momentum, there is nothing wrong with ringing the register a smidge when things seem perfect.

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