Gun Deaths So Far in 2017 – 11,667

That seems like a lot…no?

Here is a website that tracks gun violence.

Albert Wenger said this today which rang most true to me:

What yesterday’s mass shooting does make eminently clear yet again though is just how much damage and trauma a single person can inflict using modern technology. It is so much easier to destroy a life than to build one. Split seconds of pulling a trigger, versus decades of nurturing and growth.


I wish I could kiss my kids today but I can’t. They are far away. At least I can chat and talk to them. I am grateful.

I hate guns and I hate lobbyists and I hate the NRA. I hate people that tweet ‘deepest condolences’.

I do not know the right answer to the big questions today.

I do know the wrong answer. Pat Robertson owns everything that is sick and wrong and breathing today.

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