Guns and Ammo

I am not a gun guy.

This putz sums up why I can personally live without them:

When I was a kid we had a cottage in Muskoka and I had air rifles. I loved them. I was 12 when my dad taught me how to use it and maybe it was just luck but my friends and I never had an accident. We were obviously pretty careful.

I never thought of giving my kids air rifles.

This summer though, Rachel had asked to go to a gun range. I immediately thought she might be secretly watching Fox News.

Luckily no …she just wanted to try shooting a gun.

It turns out my friend Danny is a gun owner. So I asked him if he would mind taking us to a local gun range. He agreed.

I asked Max if he was interested and at first he said no but at the last minute he joined.

Danny gave us an hour of education and we were off to the range in San Diego.

Here is Max and Rachel getting some instruction:

Danny did a great job teaching them because they were hitting targets with a pistol and rifle immediately.

Here is Max firing a pistol:

I think they both have a new level of respect for the power and danger of guns.