Hackers or the NRA…Which Group Protects us More from The Government… and Crime of the Century (The Album)

On my first day of my new high school ‘Forest Hill Collegiate’, I was extremely nervous.

My sister Robyn knew it too and made an intro to a kid who had a locker near hers named Isaac Soberano who she thought I would like.

We became best friends.

Isaac was cool. He was the first guy to call me ‘buddy’. Bdddy this, buddy that, buuuudy…budddddddddy, buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. It went on through College with our group of friends. This was 1980-1987. Such a great and tight group of friends. My peer group carried me through those years. They kept me out of trouble. As a group though we just stayed out of trouble. There was very little drama.

Everyone should be so lucky, but that’s not the way it works. Life is difficult as the ‘bestseller’ says.

We get older, we drift, we get crankier for the most part and than hair grows in weird places.

Music is the best connector I have to my first few days of high school and the first album and band I got addicted to was ‘Crime of the Century (1974)’ by Supertramp. It is a classic by any measure. Great title for an album, great song tiles, every song a classic.

Side One:

Bloody Well Right
Hide in Your Shell

Side Two:

If Everyone was Listening
Crime of The Century

The album gets me motivated, makes me smile and can calm me down.

Yesterday, my Twitter stream erupted about a young man named Aaron Swartz. I had heard his name before but had no context off the top of my head. I started clicking links like this one. My favorite from Lessig.


I am an anti-gun guy. I don’t know how I feel about hackers. I know what depression is and what it does to people and families (trust me).

I don’t clearly see how hackers are more dangerous than guns. The government seems to be for guns and against hackers, so I feel we need hackers to protect ourselves from the government. People with money should be stockpiling hackers,not guns. They probably are.

I went for a run this morning and of course cranked up ‘Crime of the Century’. I think Aaron might have loved this album.

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