Hand Me My Google Glasses…(Preferrably The Oakley’s) and my Nike ‘Data Grinds’

In a perfect world I would be paying $1,200, or whatever the Google glasses cost, to Oakley in a few months. But Oakley sold to Luxottica and I will likely just have to buy some boring pair from Google.

No problem.

The following day the convo will go something like this:

Max…do you have my clubs and golf shoes? Don’t forget the Google Glasses.

Finally I will have EA Tiger Woods Golf strapped around my head. I will know wind, contour, distance and maybe what club I should hit. All I will need to think about is hitting the damn ball. Today, I have that lumpy pin seeker binocular that I can’t figure out. I prefer to use my rotten eyes. I have the most awesome pair of new Nike Golf Shoes that should be recording all my steps as I walk the course twice a week and relay things to my glasses and the rest of my devices to track my fitness (or lack thereof).

In 5-8 years when I go to a sports arena or golf course, I will see Google glasses and I will go from being distracted by social to engaged in data around the payers and teams.

Today, the riff is you will look like an asshole, but context is always key.

ESPN ($DIS), $NKE, $UA and big media will further dominate if they make the right acquisitions with the hoards of cash bestowed upon them by this glorious monetary and profit boom. There of course will be more old media and new startups that dominate around wearable computing.

Just yesterday, the awesome Techstars (small investor in many classes and graduates), picked the first class for their Nike Accelerator (I am a biased mentor).

Some trends are so fat and rich and deep that most investors can catch. I think this is one.

Disclosure – Long NIKE, UnderArmor, Google, TechStars