Happy 2019 and More Predictions – Everyone Wants To Be A Planet

I am out of the gates fast in 2019 breaking 7 of 8 (self made) resolutions by noon, but I did get out for 30 miles on my bike bright and early in 40 degree weather.

I start out every year and pretty much every day with very strong opinions loosely held. I keep an open mind and try a lot of products.

In 2019 the theme in technology will be ‘Be Your Own Planet’.

The most UNDER covered story and company of the last year is MICROSOFT which ended 2018 as the largest company on the planet.

Amazon, Tencent, Microsoft, Alibaba, Apple, Google, Facebook and Nike are planets. They roam the galaxy with cash flow, cash and data to pick their prey.

The next level of companies like Salesforce, Disney, Netflix and Adobe are in orbit. With time and further execution they could be planets, but they are in play at some level (by the planets). I do not see them selling or being acquired.

Everyone other company in technology is in play.

In that vein I asked my Twitter stream what they thought the biggest acquisitions of 2019 would be. Take a scroll through the answers.

My one big prediction is that $LULU or $NKE buys Peloton. The fitness space is massive . The only fitness app I use is Strava, but there are so many popular ones and there will be continued consolidation. Nike really needs to solidify their planetary status and take some risk.

Another more obvious prediction is the enterprise software space will see an incredible amount of acquisitions. Microsoft is the only one true enterprise planet at the moment and also the biggest company in the world right now. Microsoft envy is real.

Facebook seems to be the most vulnerable planet of my ‘planets group‘.

Disclosure – Long Planets.

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