Happy Anniversary Ellen Lindzon

Yesterday Ellen and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary.

Like always, she said she was going off to get me a coffee at Starbucks but snuck off to Vegas with friends instead.


Ellen and I were set up on a blind date 26 years ago. The first date was the night Joe Carter hit a home run for The Blue Jays to win the world series. I was on the couch screaming and if Ellen had Tinder, this blog post would be about stocks.

I have no idea how Ellen puts up with me all these years. In fact, that is the first question 94 percent of people ask here when they meet her for the first time.

Ellen has a wicked sense of humor is how. She picks up on all the weirdness and silliness that I get a kick out of. She still tells all the smartasses that she loves me. She is an amazing woman, wife and mom.

Ellen was a bankruptcy attorney when I met her and really a rising star. When we had Rachel, she was thrilled to drop everything though because the law was not her life calling. I was so green at business she figured that she would get enough bankruptcy practice in her own home.

Over the years, Ellen has poured her extra time into helping families that have had trauma and now inserted herself into the foster care system in Phoenix working her way up to being a court appointed special advocate.

Her passion outside of helping others is real estate. For our family, Ellen has done an incredible job over the years of finding neighborhoods with untapped value and/or created value with extensive remodels. We now make Phoenix our home but keep a home in Coronado as well.

Now that we are back in Phoenix, the city she grew up in, Ellen has decided to sell real estate. Her sister Beth Jo owns a large firm in Phoenix called ROI Properties . Ellen knows the city better than anyone. She gets a kick out of the whole selling and buying process and never tires of the process. Her law background really helps come closing time in the paperwork heavy process.

It’s fun to see Ellen get back at it full time with passion.

Life is short.

Happy Anniversary Ellen.