How I Work…What I Read

I have done these posts yearly, but there is so much new talent and new products to help me with work that I wanted to write it all down again.

Now that I am off Ambien completely, I am falling to bed a lot earlier and doing less work in the evenings. I love that.

I am popping out of bed, rested and alert at 4-30 am pst. Here is my home office setup which I keep religiously clean of paper piles. I use the Stocktwits HQ for team meetings, not general work.

Most of my writing and reading is triggered by the stocks and trends I follow which comes from my work with IVAN on Stocktwits50. The weekly list helps me focus on what is working, where the big money (not people) is flowing. Sounds too good to be true of course, but it really is efficient and it works for me and hundreds of other ‘now’ subscribers.

I probably spend most of my time in GMAIL. I do sales and networking most of my workday and the search feature is my crutch. I have no assistant. For Stocktoberfest, LindzonPalooza, deal flow management and my day to day work, GMAIL, Google Calendar and GOOGLE Docs are pretty magical. I am sure I am not using 99 percent of the features, but I am 48 and stuck in my limited ways.

I don’t use video enough, even though I have made so many investments in the space. I want to love $GOOG Hangouts but setting one up requires a masters degree in account management for some reason. SocialLeverage has a new investment in the video communication space (enterprise) that has me jazzed to improve this productivity whole.

Skype works, but I need to clean it up. Things are bleeping endlessly.

I want a video collaboration tool that is easy to organize, persistent, easy to push out live to a group (one that subscribes), with option to interact live publicly or just with a limited group.

My phone time just keeps dropping. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it is at all-time lows.

Now to reading…The Linkfests and Blogs I read daily and weekly:

Abnormal Returns

Benedict Evans

Jason Hirschhorn

Best of Stocktwits Blog Network wrap from Brian Lund and The Stocktwits Blog Network

Fred Wilson

Brad Feld

Seth Godin

Daily Routine

Stocktwits (you can follow who I follow). I live in the Trending and Watchlist part of our iPhone app when away from my desk.

Twitter (you can follow who I follow)


Trying to Work In – YouTube – the new iPhone app loads up stuff that is more and more interesting interviews

It’s not too complicated now that I have it written down again.

If you know me, what else am I missing that is a must read for what I love and do?


  1. Silverborn says:

    Hey Howard, It’s always nice and really valuable to get an insight into how super successful people work. Thanks for sharing.

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