‘Howie’ Meeker responds to Mary Meeker on the State of The Internet

No disrespect to a great Canadian Howie Meeker, but let’s get to Mary Meeker’s ‘State of the Internet‘ report.

I will link to it from Alley Insider because I am an investor and you might as well be monetized over there.

From a first read, I think investors can make a lot of money reading between the lines into what mary does not mention.

Mary spent the year learning that ‘Millennial’s love their smartphones. I know I know…sounds crazy.

She also goes out on the limb and says more money will be spent on mobile ads. Get the f#@k out of here you say.

In my FREE blog report (you are reading now), you will learn that 87 percent of bankers still use Blackberry and are protected from the same disruption by The FED, The SEC.

I am going to read it agin on the toilet after a triple espresso and a burrito, but I have to.

Mary spent 197 slides on some chat trends, China and India.

Unfortunately, Mary offers no real opinions, god forbid she pisses off a potential buyer of a KPCB startup or someone from her old banking days.

In half a blog post I have given you more opinions than she has…for free. My basic point is it sucks that someone with her knowledge and access would not go more out on the limb.

In 197 slides about the internet, Mary has left out Netflix, Comcast, Verizon, ATT, Warren Buffett (he’s due to make an investment no? ), Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, any bank, all brokesr, mostly every insurance company, Lending Club, Robo Advising, Robinhood…

Yes, it is still early days for the financial web and net neutrality wars and maybe it’s not ‘trend’ worthy, but 100 slides on chat seems overdone. In fact, the trader in me makes me feel that it’s time to fade chat (I would never).

I would be careful chasing Mary’s trends. I would take the time to think about the sectors of the economy Mary has neglected because that is what Kleiner is focused on along with some of the best VC’s you have not heard of… yet.

After a sphincter cleanse and further readings, I hope to share some more insights.


  1. Prior to today, I had never heard of Mary Meeker. Not once in 25 years of tech work and watching.

    When I saw her slides, I couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would ever take her seriously based on exactly the points you’ve raised.

    Thank you for some common sense, and I’ll go back to completely ignoring her.

  2. pointsnfigures says:

    Some good data on independent workers though, and the trends in that space. But, agree. Where is the real action in the next ten years? Finance and health. Two meglabureaucracies that need to tumble.

  3. PsychSignal says:

    She’s doing the same thing she did a Morgan Stanley 20 years ago. Back then it was HUGELY useful and interesting because most of the information wasn’t readily available. She gathered it up, packaged it, and put a nice bow on it. Today every kid with a smart phone and pulse has access to the same tech trend information. Someone needs to put that horse out to pasture.

  4. Tangent Style says:

    What do you think of Byron Wien’s 10 surprises? It’s the only ‘trends’/forecast piece that I feel gets a similar amount of attention.

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