Identity…Here We Go Again

While you were talking to your friends about the bubble in Bitcoin and the silliness of the blockchain, Equifax suffered a data brach that could affect half of the US population.

I joked on Twitter:

Just sent Equifax my Wells Fargo PIN number and Verizon password. I’m tired of being me anyway.

Justin at Stocktwits had a massively viral and hilarious tweet:

Equifax: you missed a credit card payment 3 yrs ago. How irresponsible. Good luck buying a home

Also, Equifax: Your SSN’s were hacked. Shit happens

I angel invested in Lifelock in 2006 because Equifax, Transunion and Experian had taken us down an ‘identity road to hell (I wrote this piece in 2011)’. Symantec bought them last year for $2.4 billion.

We (Social Leverage) invested in Civic because the blockchain and the right third party could be Lifelock 2.0.

Equifax alone has a $17 billion market cap. It will lose 15-20 percent of their market cap tomorrow and there will be a few witch hunts and perp walks. Bsed on the long term chart, people will gobble up the stock.

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