If I Could Turn Back Time

I have been home alone on Coronado with our dog Lindzee the last week. Time really slows down on Coronado. This morning I went out hoping to get in a long bike ride, but four miles in I had a double flat and just called an Uber to bring me home.

Before the iPhone, Google Maps and Uber I would have lost an hour or two getting myself home and getting on with my day.

I love all the spare time that technology has afforded me. I am getting better at appreciating it in my 50’s and maybe being an empty nester has made me appreciate time even more.

Time has gone from being on my side to being my enemy in my 50’s. I appreciate time so much more now that I have less of it.

I hated Cher’s song If I Could Turn Back Time .

I hate the question…what would you tell a 20 year old self?

I have an almost 20 year old self in Max Lindzon. He’s very busy being Max. My daughter Rachel is thinking about the Peace Corps after graduating. That’s way more interesting than anything I would have done at her age or could tell her to do.

But, seeing today is daylight savings it’s fun to just think about it.

I joked about it on Twitter today:

I waste so much time, but I have also never been more efficient with my time.

We have never had more time saving tools (smartphone, Google Maps, Uber) and needed more medicine to focus.

Thank goodness we got that extra hour today.

Off to watch Netflix’s ‘The Bodyguard’ and piss that hour away.

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