Informational Or Actionable and Goodbye Twitter

An update for my Peloton – I will be selling the rest of my Twitter.


Tom Bruni has a great post up today ‘titled ‘The Bearish Case for US Stocks‘. Tom and JC have been extremely bullish for months, but they have a process that gathers information on a regular basis to check how, if, when, and where they will take action on a stock.

The key is a process that helps them move from informational to actionable.

One of the hardest things for investors to do is soak in a lot of information but NOT take action. Next hardest is to act on the processes you have set up based on the information that develops over time.

There are thousands of different styles and processes within this informational vs actionable framework.

Walking into an Apple store for the first time was what turned me into a long term shareholder. I was lucky to live across the street from one of their first stores. If I had relied on the analyst reports and opinions about Apple stores I never would have bought the stock because the rollout was ridiculed. Eating at Chipotles for the first time gave me the conviction to pay up on the day of the IPO back in 2006.

I love the smartphone era because it forced me to downsize my information life. I am still in a constant state of battling information overload and filter failure but the smartphone has freed me from my desk and unleashed my eyes and ears in a way that make me a better investor.

The smartphone era has unleashed a new generation of investors and entreprenuers that are not tied to limits of the past. That is why we are seeing valuations that seemed unimaginable in 2008.

We are most likely just getting started, but that does not mean markets won’t retreat as well. I remember how simple the Bitcoin bull case sounded in December.

Take in all the information you want but build and set a process that defines when you take action.

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