Intelligent Fanatics

I was watching some reruns of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee tonight because Netflix is my homepage after 9 pm every night.

I love the show.

Jerry is an ‘intelligent fanatic’.

I love that term which I just picked up from this blog called of course ‘Intelligent Fanatics‘.

This post titled ‘The Fallacy of Instant Success‘ is very true.

It feels as though every day we read a headline of some money losing technology business that just eclipsed a $1 billion valuation in a short period of time. Constantly reading such things distorts reality and exacerbates a disjointed view of the effort and timeframe needed to create an exceptional business.

Few exceptional businesses are created quickly. While studying Intelligent Fanatics, one thing that becomes evident is many of them put in years of intelligent, diligent, and obsessive work before they hit their inflection point.

The inflection point, if visualized, isn’t an explosion but a wave. It is the result of countless incremental improvements or breakthroughs that build up over a period of years that finally crest and accelerate the business at a rapid pace.

Have a great Saturday.

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