Interactive Broker (IBKR)…My New Number 1 Position

Last year RICK was my number one position for a while replacing Apple. I sold it down a lot and Apple took back the throne.

I have been trading Apple nicely in it’s small decline, but my recent flips have left open the number 1 slot.

By adding more Interactive Broker today (IBKR), it’s taken back number 1. I am amazed for now, fingers crossed, that IBKR rises in the face of trading and market meltdowns. They seem immune to the mess. It seems that volumes are still rising them. The big money may be betting that volatility is here to stay and that IBKR will be the big beneficiary.

If we are entering a period of volatility, it could go on for a year or two at least. IBKR price seems to be telegraphing that or something else big. It should be lower. I therefore assume it’s going higher.

Let’s see.


  1. Soren says:

    One could also consider IBKR a play on global growth. Sure you can open an account at fidelity or the the like if you want exposure to the US markets. If you want global access and exposure outside the US, you need to be with IBKR.

  2. tokintrader says:

    IB is a play on global volatility. I’m long IB from a systems perspective, investing heavily in trading infrastructure centered around the IB API. On the most volatile days, my servers stay in sync so I can focus on the actions of my algos. (with one recent, rare exception)

    The volatility we see in the markets isn’t a fad – it’s the evolutionary chaos of a closed game banged wide open.

    More later on using IB with iphone & twitter (SMS) – it’s nap time.

  3. BobA says:

    With ya on this one. They have an awesome trading platform, though a little overwhelming for the typical small investor.

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