The Internet Will Be The Biggest Stock Market

I like this thought from Balaji:

The rise of all these tokens and public blockchains means that the internet, in the long term, will become the biggest stock market just as it has become the largest library.

If the stock market crashes tomorrow and Bitcoin plunges 80 percent, Balaji is still correct.

In fact, a crash now would probably speed the inevitable.

I was talking to Fred Wilson a few months ago and told him that Coinbase and Robinhood should merge and go public in a dutch auction. He did not call me crazy.

I am an investor in Etoro which already allows their customers (Europe, Asia, Russia) to buy stocks and digital currencies in the same account. They had a record month.

Filecoin and Tezos raised $500 million via initial coin offerings (no investment banks required).

The stock market needs to change and the internet is doing it’s thing. Indexing is in many ways disgusting. You index to the S&P and you blindly buy and support United, Verizon, Best Buy, Comcast, Equifax, Wells Fargo. No thanks.

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