It’s a Lost decade…NO…It’s a Bubble ….Welcome to my World.

My robo advisor sent me a text message today. I think he/she/Caitlyn/Bruce was being mean. It read:

First you lost a decade. Than you missed a bubble.

That bastard.

According to the media, we lost a decade from 2000-2010 and Japan lost two. Check it out. The Atlantic said we lost 12 years and even the rich are worse off.

The lost decade was good to me so I hope we lose seven more….consecutively.

Unfortunately, while I was planning for seven more lost decades I missed a whole bubble. Check it out. It’s real.

I have no idea if we lost a decade or we are in a bubble. It depends on your vantage point and the data you choose to look at.

Nobody really knows…except my Robo and I hope my Robo is not talking to your Robo.