It's Raining Negativity!

Been working so hard on my portfolio investments and Stocktwits that I have not been in the mood to blog much.

There is nothing new to discuss in the stock markets. This Thursday Google reports and until they do I will sit on my hands in technology. Capital One Financial reports which should be comical. If it is not a mess, than it is a lie.

The only stocks working are educational stocks of which I am long APOL and STRA but I hate them both. Educational stocks are like owing Capital One Financial with a degree tacked on for good measure. Piece of shit scam engines, made possible by our shitty government.

If you are reading anything, it is negative. What’s the point of that.

If you are reading anything positive, you should not trust the author.

Unless you are a great trader, I would stop reading and spend your time, money and energy on yourself and your business as I have been doing. If you want to trade, you could do way worse than follow the flow of great ideas on Stocktwits. I am sticking with the hot hands of UpsideTrader and Andy Swan for now.

Heading to New York in the AM. Speaking at the iBreakfast Thursday AM and than back home to Phoenix. Hopefully on Friday I can unveil some new investments I have been working on. Fun stuff.


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