JetBlue – The verdict is in…

It was the gas that killed their near perfect review from me.

Not the price of gas, but the gas from the 300 pounder that sat across the aisle from me. This animal must have had 6 pounds of salami before boarding the flight (with a skim milk chaser and some raw eggs). It was a constant pounding that has tainted my almost perfect experience. My poor wife moved to a middle seat next to the bathroom to get fresh air.

Let me shower and finish the review tomorrow.

To be continued….


  1. Todd says:

    We’ve all had travel experiences like this. One time I agreed to move from my seat so that a couple could sit together. I ended up in the middle seat next to a VERY large man who had his arm overlapping my shoulder the whole flight. Never again will I be so stupid.

  2. Jordan Glasner says:

    Being able to fly JetBlue is one the biggest things I miss about living in LA. These days my choices are limited to US Air or Delta. Either of which permanently smell like your 300 pound friend.

  3. Todd says:

    I think airlines should have a rule that if you’re over 3 bills, you MUST buy a first class ticket. They could have a scale right before you walk on the ramp that leads to the plane and have everyone weigh in.

    Eventually people would get the point and either drop the necessary weight or buy the proper ticket in advance.

    If NYC can legislate the use of trans fat in foods then the airlines should be allowed to make it more pleasant for those who aren’t super-sized.

    It could even lead to a new type of airline service catering to those who can’t push away from the table.

    PLUS Airlines Hefty Airways

    I digress …

  4. Todd says:

    Andy, holy schmoly 6′-9″ ?

    I would think that if one was 6′-9″, one wouldn’t even be able to fit in a coach seat unless it was on Southwest or JetBlue.

    Even then, I’d likely opt for the necessary comfort of first class.

    I guess it’s not just a weight thing, but an overall size thing.

    6’9″ eh, can you shoot the rock ?

    There are plenty of NBA teams that use some scoring help off the bench.

  5. Andy says:

    Todd, I’m close to your cut off point there. Let me suggest going by waist-size on pants instead. There are probably a lot of 6’9 guys like me that you would rather sit next to than a 5’2 woman that tipped in at 285. :)

  6. BDG123 says:

    Fly Southwest. They make heavy people buy two seats. It is a policy that is not based on discretion. ie, If you are heavy, you are buying two seats.

    Now, Howard, you realize what you were subjected to? Intaking his gas is no different than if you had your nose up his ass. You were effectively eating shit. LOL!

  7. Andy says:

    Haha Todd. Ya I go for exit row or try to sweeet talk stewardess into first class. Maybe a doorway that is as wide as the seat? :)

    Yes I can shoot but those guys are a different level of athlete. Had the enviable job of guarding Kevin Garnett one time….wow.

  8. rocky says:

    nice one!!
    i had last minute trip on transat(piece o’ crap)Toronto to london for 4 days,
    had the seat empty until some heffer going on her first trip(bus trip of europe)sits down at the very last minute.
    i had to lift the arm between us so she could fit,
    the plane stopped in Montreal and Nova Scotia
    man each time she stood up(which luckily was twice)to try and manage to squeeze into the can the smell coming from her was so vile, i believe george and donald would have considered it weapons of mass destruction and sent her to clear out the iraqi insurgents
    thats why you got be picky!!!!
    Jet Blue rocks

  9. Leigh says:

    Rocky Rocky Rocky – Air Transat NEVER…
    Flew from Athens to Toronto once and the toilets stopped working from too much activity in Montreal. DISGUSTING…

  10. Howard Lindzon says:

    Unfortunately – I knew where this conversation would go and that made we want to post it more :) .

    Brian may have the comment of the decade by the way.

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