Just Another Boring Day in New York

I had a really inspiring and fun day of meetings yesterday with investors and founders.

I met with Heather Hartnett a founder of Human Ventures. Heather’s partner Joe is a good human too. Here is a story about the first time I met him. Building a start-up studio is brutally hard, but I like how they are approaching it.


My friend Raoul Pal bought me a great lunch. Raoul founded Real Vision back in 2014. It’s like Netflix for finance geeks. I got the pitch and immediately decided to invest. Here is an interview I did with him a few years back. As you watch, please picture me now with one or two less chins. I am open to hair style improvements in real time though always. Raoul caught me up on the future plans for Real Vision and I shared some ideas I had for his network. I am excited for him and Real Vision.

Later in the day I met with Andy Sack. Andy has been a great internet entrepreneur and investor for over 20 years. He started TechStars Seattle and we have invested together a lot.

I’m up early today organizing my questions for a meeting with Fred Wilson. I am seeking some advice as always but we will definitely be talking about Twitter and Crypto. This whole 280 character messaging in Twitter is already a shit show, but Fred only has ‘mixed feelings‘.

Fred is a diplomat.

Hopefully he lets me share some of his unplugged thoughts here tomorrow.

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