Just Too Giddy…and a Reminder!

Semiconductors just suck balls in this rally and I have had a great run in Nvidia (NVDA) so am getting rid of it today. That sector is just too aggravating. Traders will be saying the same thing 5 years from now on homebuilders. Dead cyclicals are dead cyclicals.

I would love to see some more downside in Garmin, but other than that I am not chasing stocks up here. Other than the semiconductors and metals, nothing wants to come down. I am plenty long if we just continue higher. Even my trusted ‘guru’ friend ‘The Fly’ ‘ seems to be reaching for stocks today.

I remember the Blackstone death watch just last month at $20/share started by my friends at Dealbreaker . That felt way wrong and I wrote about buying it, but never pulled the trigger. It’s now rallied 40 percent.

Blackstone and Goldman are the safest China plays you can make. The Chinese may shit on the crappy little bubble stocks in the end, but Goldman and Blackstone are family now.

Disclosure – Long Garmin, sold Nvidia


  1. bocagirl says:

    Totally agree with you on Blackstone. I started buying BX at 25 and like it as a China play for the long term. Schwarzman was a genius to sell a big chunk of BX to the Chinese.

    GS is just plain excellent.

  2. Broker A says:

    What kind of post is this?

    What, anything wrong with Chinese stocks trading 2000x 2010 numbers?

    I guess no one played the dot coms.

    Good times in China.

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