Lifelock adds WalletLock…Waiting on STOCKLOCK!

I love the Walletlock benefit that Lifelock just added at NO charge. When I last visited the marketing team we were chatting about it and could not wait until it launched.

Fifth, hassling with lost or stolen wallets is no longer a problem with WalletLock™. If ever your wallet goes missing, just give us a call – anytime, anywhere – and a WalletLock specialist will contact each credit card, bank or document issuing company, cancel your affected accounts and complete the paperwork and steps necessary to replace your lost documents*, including your credit/debit cards, driver’s license, social security card, insurance cards, checkbook – even travelers checks – at no additional cost.


If they can announce STOCKLOCK (I pitched it down at HQ) that guarantees me higher stock prices (kind of like China and India)…we can finally get to an IPO.

Disclosure- Lifelock Investor.


  1. Jecklin says:

    Howard, I’ve never mentioned this before, but whenever I see/hear/read anything about Lifelock, I think of you. And I mean from back in Prince’s time.

    Now, they’re everywhere.

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