Lifelock…They Have my Back…AND saved me from AT&T hell

The Lifelock team continues to blow me away with their smart, simple advertising campaigns.

Check out their National Television Campaign . Classic.

I bought a car recently and forgot about me having Lifelock. Sure enough, I get a call from the Finance company a few days later (I have the car…sweet) that they can’t get the deal done until I clear it with them and Lifelock. I love that.

The best advantage that Lifelock has brought me is when I tried to get my iPhone set-up. When I logged in to install through iTunes, AT&T could not approve me so I prepaid $49 and did not have to sign up for a two-year contract.

If this is what I think it is, I will save a pretty penny over the three years I woud have had to have a contract. The Lifelock Loop it’s called over in the Lindzon home for now. I am awaiting a call from an AT&T representative but until that happens, no bills…hallelujah!

Disclosure – Angel and Series B Investor in Lifelock

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