Lindzanity – Episode 3 – Ross Hoffman From Mailroom to Board Room, Following Your Instincts, Salaries are Overrated and Betting on Yourself

It was a blast having Ross Hoffman on the podcast.

He’s lived a lifetime of growth in the last 11 years going from the mailroom at William Morris to very early employee at Youtube, to 7 years at Twitter culminating as the Head of Global Partnerships at Twitter and most recently Chief Business Officer a Headspace.

He’s the cool kind of unemployed at the moment, spending time with his family and figuring out what to do next.

He sat down to discuss his career, how he spotted and attached himself to rocketships and how he thinks about investing.

We shot this episode a few weeks ago before Facebook’s recent gap higher (so the predictions were not bad) and the day after Twitter’s big earnings gap to the upside. I think you will appreciate his insights on the internet leaders.

If you are a millennial, a gen-z, or own and operate any of the above, I think Hoff will be an inspiration as he discusses taking big risks and finding great mentors.

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