Lindzon – 5 click weekend mash-up for the Markets….

The coming crash from housing ?
To compare the two (housing and dot-com is just sloppy). An economical slump brought on by continued housing weakness will be 100 times worse than the dot-com crash. It is my opinion that the Fed will fight this tooth and nail starting this fall if things don’t miraculously improve.

By the way – they won’t. :( :(

BuzzTracker launched today. Here is the first review by Fred Wilson . I agree. Launch it for the feedback. Alan is a smart guy. I have tried my best to help them on stocks and golf. If you have any ideas for the stock buzz tracker – please comment. We could use this in the stock and market blogging community! For those already getting some link love – Thank ME! :)

Of course – nothing bigger than WallStrip which is coming soon.

Never to be left out – Bill Cara’s week in review

And finally, the dudes over at DayTradeTeam have a good post on the seven deadly sins of investing .