Lindzon – 5 click weekend mash-up for the Markets….AND Happy New Year!


The story is still so early. I love reading about all the Apple haters and disbelievers. They continue to miss the point.

Inkling Markets is a cool idea. I will be keeping my eye on this. Ian delaney has a good post on the whole subject .

Jeff Matthews has the definitive on the Amaranth . For those too lazy – a sweet tidbit:

Before you scoff at this, try to guess who told the Wall Street Journal the following less than three weeks ago:

“Spreads and options are of their very nature instruments for positions which are designed to allow the user to capture upside with a much clearer understanding with respect to downside exposure.”

Give up? It was the CEO of Amaranth.

Three weeks after that statement, reports the Journal, institutional investors in Amaranth are now trying to sell their interests in that hedge fund to a firm that provides secondary markets in such things. Says the market-maker:

“Sellers want 30 to 40 cents on the dollar, but buyers are only willing to pay 10 cents to 20 cents on the dollar.”

When sharks smell blood…

Some more interesting all-time highs – I am adding a little Fiserv and Nike on Monday

Brace for $80 oil? How about $50? . I started nibbling.

Chris says Instant Bull is a great tool for market watchers . I have been tooling around myself after the recommendation and although not pretty, it’s pretty damn good.

Happy new Year and a healthy one for those Jewishhly inclined :) .

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