Long Kramer and Short Cramer – AND – Why YouTube is still a BUY at $1.6 billion!

YouTube is a buy at $1.6 billion. I will pay $25/month for this service if I had to keep it alive to pay the old media asses. Millions of others would as well. Media companies need to start bidding now before Google steals it!

PS – Long Kramer

PSS – Short Cramer


  1. Eddie Daroza says:

    Social networks are like phones. You have to get on to communicate with your friends. There is so much energy on both YouTube and MySpace it is insane. Every kid I know spends 10 times more time on both sites than watching boring old lame TV. Everyone who compares YouTube to Napster just dosen’t get it. YouTube isn’t about stealing copyrighted content. It’s about creating stuff to show your freinds. Come on Cuban, stop thinking like a billionaire.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:


    Its also about building your own faves as a library which is why I would pay something evry month to access it

  3. Eddie Daroza says:

    Great point, I didn’t even think about that. There is so much stuff on that site that is pure gold. Worth way more than my Netflix account.

    Anyways, I just got great footage of the Blue Angels from my roof. Great day in SF. Heard Phoenix is beautiful today.

  4. Robert Dewey says:

    Ah yes, but would I have to be a subscriber to see the videos you posted in your blog?

    Copyright issues aside, advertising with profit-sharing would be the ultimate dream. Imagine uploading content (that you have rights to) and getting 10% or 25% of the ad revenue generated.

    Perhaps YouTube would implement strict guidelines, like additional information to prove your identity (for those who want to enter the profit sharing program). This way, if you’re uploading copyrighted content, they could easily find you. And if you knew they could easily find you, you’re less likely to break the law.

  5. Howard Lindzon says:

    Great points robert – thax for the comments. Just wanting to make people think and keep their eyes open to trends and possibilities

  6. Steven says:

    after listening to Cramer

    possible slogan for the new website

    “Wallstrip…we want to make friends…cuz friends make you money.”

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