Look out for Barney Frank

So Robert Nardelli gets a $210 million exit package for being at Home Depot for three years.

I am considered by certain close friends to be “Apathetic Right Wing”, but let this blog post serve as a limit to my apathy. WTF.

No PUBLIC, corporate officer deserves this much money.

Who is governing this whole shebang. The Board of Directors is negligent and obviously rules need to be set because Boards don’t have any balls. OR COMMON SENSE.

We should be ashamed.

Than again, The Dow was up!


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    Fucktards – all of them :)

    If you own Home Depot, even 1 share, you should report being raped.

    Let’s design a kit.

  2. Broker A says:


    But, you must admit, Nardelli is going to be pimping, hard, with 210 million smackers.

    With that kind of coin, he could buy a lot of bling.

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    trust me I know.

    Just sent him the wallstrip offering memeorandum and a couple oil deals in tuscon. never know.

  4. Dominic Jones says:

    Best comment I’ve seen: “With a severance package like that, wouldn’t you try your damndest to get fired.”

    But the odd thing I noticed is that none of the media seems to know how much Nardelli got out over the six years.

    Five media outlets quote five different figures. The link on my name above links to a story showing what the NYT, FT, Bloomberg, AP and the Atlanta Journal Constitution said. All have different numbers.

    Crazy, we pay these guys and we can’t even know how much!

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