Market setting up for a big move? Either way, buying some ValueClick.

Not in the betting mood on the market, but I am definately adding some ValueClick to the portfolio tomorrow.

An amazing breakout to all-time highs. In reading about the business, I am amazed no one has made a play for them and emailed a smart friend just that this afternoon.

Value Click continues to benefit from a continued fragmentation of online media media consumption.

Elsewhere, the inflation expectation gap that I said would likely close – is quickly underway. My gold adds of a few weeks ago are screaming higher. At the time, I mentioned that the actual price of gold had held up relatively well despite the drop in inflation expectations and thought Gold was showing relative strength.

I think Gold is going to move much higher and am holding my new and old positions.

Finally, Whole Foods stock just blew a gasket tonight. I am not a fan of the stores, never have been. I am alone in this I guess. Bummer tonight for the shareholders but the trend is still alive for this great Company.


  1. Tom says:

    I’m going to join you in your call for Gold moving higher. My model has confirmed the bottom and I expect to Gold to at least hit the $640 area.

    Whole Foods has a lot of Hot MILF’s that shop there.

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