Mein Volatility…Is Germany in Trouble? and Should You Care?

This GIF made me laugh this morning – especially tied to the Stocktwits headline on investing

There is a first sign of trouble in European markets as the German DAX just started trading below it’s 200 day moving average.

The German weakness (and the French markets have the same pattern by the way) have not slowed US markets.

I don’t expect anyone of my readers to care and maybe they do not need to.


The Nasdaq is back within one percent of it’s all time high.

Look at this cash hoard from Apple …note the cash growing overseas:

Warren Buffett now owns 16 percent of Bank of America. You can (and should) hate the bank…but the bank is in the right hands financially.

Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, Berkshire Hathaway – the new continents.

When the charts of these continents start looking like that of the German Dax, things would get a little nerve wracking. For now, the coast is clear.

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