Microsoft…It Is Alive AND on Wallstrip…OY

Let’s be clear, other than the occasional use of word and excel, the company is dead to me. That does not mean you can’t make money.

I don’t buy the Vista numbers and growth, but I do believe Microsoft is a huge beneficiary of the weak dollar and cheaper computing. My mistake for calling them dead at the bottom . Many times over .

Today, Microsoft may be offering a great low risk entry if you believe in the trends I just mentioned. Brian takes a good look at the pricing picture:

If I cared, I would take an entry right about here and use a stop below $29 for now.

As for business drivers, maybe Halo and gaming in genera?

You tell me.


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  2. Jeremy H says:

    Yea, I too find it hard to swallow when I see Microsoft do something half decent…ah well. Kudos to them, and those invested in them – myself included ;o)

    Is the Dell thing over?

  3. martin garin says:


    howard, give your opinions some time before caving in. when xbox starts making money then post your opinions again. until then, msft is just another company with a lot of money. not a worthwhile catalyst in sight, including vista. google, at this time, is just too good and aapl doesn’t help their picture.

  4. bob says:

    check out sunday for an interesting overview of msft’s size and growth in the seattle area. they are huge and getting huger. whether that means they make money or the stock price goes up i have no idea. i will say the updated zune looks like another huge joke but windows mobile is showing signs of life and i like my sprint/htc touch a lot.

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