Momentum Monday and Banking on Bitcoin

It is Monday which means it’s all about Momentum. Here is today’s tour of markets and momentum that Ivan and I put together (the embed is at the end of the post).

If today’s show was called ‘Shmomentum Monday‘ we might have talked about Shake Shack. The stock looks like it is dying, which is fitting because the salt in their products is killing their customers. Here is the chart:

Back to good momentum…

Global earnings are on the verge of doing something they have never done according to Schwab research lead Jeffrey Kleintop…that is break to all time highs.

Repeat after me….my pissy mood is not the same as the markets.

PS – Watch the Netflix documentary ‘Banking on Bitcoin‘ whether you like Bitcoin or Gold. It is the most interesting coverage of Bitcoin history and timeline. I really enjoyed it.

PSS – Tweet of the Day goes to Michael Batnick who referenced Trump, McCain, War Heroes and The Eclipse in less than 140 characters: ‘I like Suns that don’t get blocked’.

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