Momentum Monday….Here Comes the Sun?

As I move more time and assets over to understanding the $GRID (an etf I own as well), I have been mentored along by my friend Gregor MacDonald.

Gregor has this ‘Tilt ‘ Theory about our move off liquid to alternatives and he lives and breathes in the data and research with an eye towards the big 10 year trends.

Gregor has a massively underpriced newsletter that I yell at him about (so please do yourself a favor and quickly sign up). The model portfolio is wonderfully simple and been a money maker.

More important to me has been the inexpensive mentoring from his monthly newsletter and his online presence to answe questions.

Yesterday I had him on the show with my pal Joe (@upsidetrader) to talk about what we are seeing now in energy and what we will likely see in 10 years and how to profit in between.

We dive into Coal, Oil, Solar and how so much of what we are seeing in the solar move could be tied to the interest rates which is how analysts build NPV spreadsheets. Don’t be shocked if the high beta solar stocks pull back not on fundamental news, but if we get a spike in interest rates.

Here is the show – it’s long…so play it while doing some other work or driving.

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  1. Gordon Bowman says:

    Thanks for highlighting Gregor. It’s clear he really knows his stuff. One of my goals this year is to learn a lot more about energy so this was really helpful.

    Own a bit of $TAN but didn’t know much about $GRID. Let’s hope India gets smart and invests big in wind and solar instead of coal.

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