Man Pants, Crowdfunding and Momentum Monday…Liquidity Meets Window Dressing Meets Good Mood …

This bull market has a profile…It is a cloud and SAAS based, web shopping, Priceline travelling, social sharing, Chinese searching, gun toting, Europe fleeing, burrito/wing eating, yoga posing, iPhone loving, caffeine addicted, sleep chasing, eventual robotic surgery outpatienting, crowdfund embracing, Goldman hating American.

Everything is working. Banks, Biotechs, Consumer Brands, Software, IPO’s…a rare momentum nirvana. I have some good rants and deep thoughts in the show below.

Actually, Italy is not working. If it starts working, sell.

Valuations are completely out the window right now, but this happens. In 2008..all the headlines were ‘IPO’s are dead. In fact, those headlines continued through January of this year.

Now, we have a JOBS act and I can crowdfund my AMEX bill payments. You get the point.

I am mesmerized of late by $LULU and their new line of ‘Man Pants’. Other than a good sleep, the ‘Man Pant’ is a personal quest of mine. Once you hit 40, you can’t sleep and pants stop fitting. If it was not for Ambien and now $LULU….men would give up.