Momentum Monday – Outrage Remains Contained To Tweets

My Twitter stream is in constant outrage. I imagine my Facebook stream would be too if I ever logged in.

For all the outrage, the S&P and Nasdaq should be single digits. It is the VIX though that is back on it’s way to single digits (closing near 13 today).

I will continue to take my signals from the markets and try as hard as I can not to impose my own mood and opinions on what the market should be doing.

In this week’s Momentum Monday, Ivan and I tour the markets and find a lot to like. The money keeps flowing into the internet leaders. There are many layers to the internet of course and the layers that have worked the best attention and commerce continue to lead:

1. Facebook
2. Netflix
3. Twitter
4. Commerce (Amazon, Square, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Shopify, Etsy, Wix, Stitchfix etc…)

I dive much deeper into my ‘internet’ thesis in this week’s episode. Ivan shares some other names and sectors that could work in his ‘swing trade’ world. I hope you enjoy:

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