Momentum Monday – Profits Matter

Before I get into it…a few laughs…

My friend Joe had one of the funniest and on point financial tweets of all time today…

As much as Joe is on point about financial Twitter, this era of the social web has brought me closer to great investors everywhere and the only cost is your time and your willingness to curate. It’s definitely not free.

The next laugh was brought to me by the Stocktwits stream with this video they titled ‘Apple pushing past $1 trillion Like‘…

I am scared of this kid but love him.

OK onward…

Here is today’s episode of Momentum Monday.

In short – profits matter and thank god for Apple.

Also as we sarcastically titled last week’s Momentum Monday (Utter Disaster)…do not trade or invest based on headlines, follow a plan. The easiest way to follow an investing plan is to turn off the TV and kill your news addiction.

Everyone likes to take credit for being smart, but this bull market continues to work because of profits. Apple is the most profitable company of all time and is FOUR percent of the S&P so it makes sense that the S&P is pressing all-time highs.

If you watch today’s episode we cover a lot of ideas – new and old. I hope you enjoy.

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