Momentum Monday …The Only Thing Not Working is Complaining

Ivanhoff and I did our regular weekly tour of the markets looking for momentum and it is not hard to find.

Click here for the video (22 minutes).

Biotech is working. Oil is above $70. Chinese internet is working. Weed is working. All sorts of technology companies are breaking out. For specific ideas…watch the show.

In other news…

Everyone flew to see Warren Buffett in Omaha. He told everyone a big secret…Apple is a great company.

I am not as diplomatic as Fred Wilson when it comes to Warren Buffett.

Here is the Nasdaq 100 vs. Berkshire the last 15 years (thanks Charlie):

I like that I am on the same team as Warren Buffett with Apple, but it also just makes me feel old and cranky.

At Warren’s tech investing pace I expect Berkshire’s 2026 annual meeting to be at the Moscone center in San Francisco.

By that time I should be 100 percent focused on cryptocurrencies in Switzerland.

Have a great week.

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