Momentum Monday…I Thought Investing Was hard

Another day, another bunch of all time highs.

Ivan and I recorded today’s ‘Momentum Monday‘ and toured the markets. So much looks right that it seems silly. Financials stand out to me right at the moment (I share some ideas in the video) and they seem ready to really go higher. Let’s check back on these next week for sure.

Everyday I wake up and fire up Stocktwits I see magical jumps.

Today the top three tickers on my watchlist are the Civic token, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Charlie noted today that $10,000 invested in Bitcoin 7 years ago is now worth $380 million. It sounds silly, but it is not fake.

This chart of Bitcoin made me LOL:

Green is a color I never get bored of, but with endless green on my screen comes the greed. Fred Wilson talks about the greed creep he feels too.

I continue to tell people it is ok to start to invest even today. Even if that means buying your first fraction of Bitcoin or your first share of Apple. Participation is not speculation.

Of course, someone in my stream is always worrying. Today I recommend Michael Batnick’s great post titled ‘If This Is 1929‘.

Some stats to chew on:

This boom has been a nightmare for CNBC, whose ratings are at 22 year lows. This disaster has been in plain sight since 2006 as they cheerled the markets into the financial crisis.

Their Bitcoin ‘expert’ is also the guy that has been wrong and stocks and oil forever…Dennis Gartman:

Warren Buffett has $100 billion of cash on hand, but zero bitcoins. The $100 billion is no doubt massive, but it’s the equivalent of just two times the market cap of bitcoin. His dry powder is insignificant if another 1929 is around the corner.

It turns out that if you can create flying cars and buses you will make a few shekels – just take a look at Boeing:

Finally…I will always be guilty of selling on the way up— but ‘it’s not a sin to lock it in‘:

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