Monday Morning Cleanup – Wisdom of Crowds, Lists, Big Ideas and a Party

My friend Fraser Kelton from “The Golden Horshoe” (ooh the nectarines are sweet) has a new, better, definitive post on the Wisdon of Crowds . Another great one is offered up by Andre Ribeirenho – straight from the blogger paradise of Portugal no less. I love his blog and design and have added Andre to my blogroll. Check it out completely.

I don’t believe in “Best Of” lists, but Business Week flexes it’s muscle by publishing a few more about the
and Bloggers . Lists work great – for the Publishers of them :) . Followed only by contests as a way to attracts readers and comments. Proof – the two most commented posts I have published are my Top 10 Reasons you are addicted to the stock market and my “Paired Trades Contest” (which I continue to lead – thanks to Apple).

I have very small ideas , especially as it relates to the stock market , but my friend Roger has “big” ones :) .

Nevertheless, Roger, Business Week and all the “hootie tootie” best of in Business Week are not thowing a Bender in New York this Friday. All “hootie tooties” are welcome.

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  1. Fraser says:

    I thought you’d love the post given your appropriate rant on the over(miss)use of the “wisdom of crowds” thesis.

    There are easy to identify times when the larger the crowd the more incorrect the “wisdom” will be.

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