More PAIN Coming for the Shorts?

Here is the week roundup if you were long, like Fly:

This week, I made an absurd amount of money. For the week, I was up 6.5%.

I know, you are jealous because I have the “calculator brain” and you are just some mid-level management guy– with a fat wife and bratty kids. Or, maybe you are a “professional trader,” with little to no equity–who watches Wall Street– in order to make believe you are Gekko. I know.

If it makes you feel better, my neighbor’s hate me– because I am always hiring illegal Mexicans to work on my house. Also, whenever my neighbor’s say “Hello” or “Hi,” I throw empty coffee cups on their lawn.

Aside from my personal dilemma’s, I love the market. As a matter of fact, I am downright giddy about the prospect of “further enhancing” my equity next week.

He and I both predict more of this for the shorts:

I have been speculating about a big upside blowup and it is unfolding everyday. There are definately some landmines, but a great time has been had by the Longs now for quite some time.

Lately, the restaurant stocks have been ‘en fuego’.

Unfortunately, I own only one – Chipotles. Fortuneately, it is on fire, up over 5 percent today.

If you want to follow Buffalo Wings, you need to tune into the antics over at FLY , where he has been very long this stock and hysterical in his bragging.

Here is the latest taste of ‘the FLY’ after they blew away earnings and the stock rose $5 today:

Last night, I ventured off to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, to celebrate their “fuck you shorts, you’re dead” quarter. At the risk of looking and sounding like a crazy man, I could not help laughing out loud, whenever I was reminded of the “soaring” price of chicken. Seriously, I warned you fuckers who know me, I would mail you my leftover chicken wings from dinner, if BWLD beat the estimate. Actually, I said when it goes to $75– but who is really paying attention?

Being intelligent hatfuckers, you probably dismissed Fly’s threats as “silly” or “he’s just joking around with the internets.” Wrong.

I am too much of a dick to let you get away with that. Furthermore, I’ll have you know, I am having my assistant Fedex a “night’s worth” of chicken bones to your house– for Saturday delivery. You know who you are.

Good luck explaining this to your wife.

Here is his asshat of the week award post to the BWLD analyst at Piper Jaffrey that yelled fire due to rising chicken costs . Just a TAD funnier than CNBC’s penguin of the month or whatever it is that david Faber awards.

Have a great weekend. In New York Monday – Wednesday and looking forward to the bitter cold.

PS – For all you short Chipotle, just watch the perfection at which Chipotle’s makes a burrito and be careful.


  1. JImK says:

    i agree Howard, i think the market is gonna blow big to the upside, nothing seems to be able to stop it for now. But i think the higher she goes the more spectaculare the eventual correction will be… great trading opportunities ahead.

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